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rEvos R Here!
02-02-2011, 09:57 AM,
rEvos R Here!
Just arrived 3 rEvo Mini III and soon Al, Todd and Doug will start setting up their new rebreathers.  And just in time an announcement from Belgium:

Hello all,

On Wednesday January 26, the remaining tests for the CE type approval of the rEvo III to 80m and 100m were done at the ANSTI lab in the UK:

WOB at 100m depth using 10/50 and 10/90  (to cover the whole range of gasses that can be used)
The scrubber endurance at 100m with both gasses
The PPO2 control of the shearwater controller at 100m at all ventilation rates and associated O2 consumption according to the standard

The tested unit is the currently supplied unit, that is till now CE approved for 40m: no modifications were done for the 100m testing.

The rEvo III passed all the tests successfully!

The complete file with all the test data was sent to the notified body yesterday, for study and analyse. Once they have done the examination of all the data, and agree on the CE type approval, the rEvo III mCCR will be CE type approved to 80m, and the rEvo III hCCR to 100m.

We will surely keep you updated!  Smile

Best regards

Paul Raymaekers

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Start with training, continue with adventures.
02-02-2011, 06:58 PM,
Re: rEvos R Here!
Excellent!  When I win mine on RBW I'll do the crossover with Todd ;D
02-03-2011, 08:54 PM,
Re: rEvos R Here!
Merry Christmas for the next few years....  Wink

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