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Inland Divers vintage Scuba Club Wayzee dive weekend
07-26-2011, 12:34 PM,
Inland Divers vintage Scuba Club Wayzee dive weekend
Proposed schedule for this years Vintage Dive at Lake Wazee.

If you plan to attend, Please txt or email your cell phone number's to Tom McClusky  or

FRIDAY July 29th              2TongueM        Meet at Wazee Sports Dive Shop (Keith's shop)

                                        2:30 PM    Leave for Lake Wazee, meet at furthest access, parking lot at top of hill, drive down to
                                                        boat launch/dock, easy access. Dive has fish cribs, training platform and a second
                                                        training platform at 70' if you need to go deep.

                                            8TongueM    Watch Sea Hunt Video's and GoPro video of the days dive. Found some cool old gear, bring it
                                                        along to show. Location may be at dive shop, or Parkland Campground.

. SATURDAY - 30th            10:AM  Meet at Lake Wazee 1st access by wall. Dive about 10:30 

                                            3: PM  Meet at above location.  Group photo and dive.

                                            8TongueM    Campfire at Parkland if weather permits. Location could change.

Falls Motel 715-284-9919 does offer a discount for divers talk to Lisa
          Safe diving Tom and Jerry
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