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contemplating a new Drysuit
03-14-2012, 03:14 PM,
contemplating a new Drysuit
Im contemplating a new drysuit, i have had Viking and a Bare trilam HD both were decent but I got to big for them even though im only 5'10 190lbs.....

in anycase,  i am wondering what everyone else is using, if they like it or what they would recommend.  I've been spying the DUI CLX 450,  but I have also read some people view them as some what over marketed for what they are in comparison to some other suits like Santi.  I see there is a new D1 by waterproof with silicone seals... Im also wondering if anyone has any experience with the Dive Rite 905 front zip.

oh yeah im looking at front zips, i have had back zips and im not a fan of manuvering as though im a "fat guy in a little coat"... I like independance I'll zip my own suit thanks though blaming someone else for getting wet might be nice too....  Anyways , Thoughts???Suggestions?
03-14-2012, 07:24 PM,
Re: contemplating a new Drysuit
Those Vikings are a nice suit (as much as I hate to admit that). I have a back zip DUI TLS and I like it a lot. It was the cheapest and most bare bones of the DUI line about 3 years ago. Then I had it pimped out a bit with 2 thigh pockets, knee and elbow pads, and zip seals in the neck and wrists. The zip seals are the big attraction for me, as I would hate to miss a dive just because I tore a wrist seal. With the zip seals, you just pull the old one off and zip in a new one... 5 minutes tops. The thigh pockets add a little more drag but not noticeable. I used to hate the back zip part of mine for the fact that it would limit the solo diving. I soon got over that and found a way to hook the zipper in the mirror of the Jeep and get in/out by my self. I would be hesitant my self (just my opinion) about getting the DUI CLX 450 as it takes longer to dry. I like the tri-lam suits where you can lay it on the hood of your truck and 1/2 hour later its dry as a bone. Combine a tri-lam with Weezle Wear undergarments and I think its a pretty good set up. In my opinion, the DUI TLS 350 front zip is about the best and that is probably what my next suit will be.
03-14-2012, 10:39 PM,
Re: contemplating a new Drysuit
Yep, you can't go wrong with the DUI TLS 350. I'd seriously consider that for my next suit as well.
03-15-2012, 07:06 PM,
Re: contemplating a new Drysuit
Thanks for the input, i have been looking at the zip seals but the Bare i have now i have the si tech cuffs which allow me to pop out the inner ring and put a new seal on in pretty much the same time, the advantage is you can us any old seal rather than needing to have the $$$ zip seal. 

Thanks for the input!
04-14-2012, 06:52 AM,
Re: contemplating a new Drysuit
Ok so i had an opportunity to pick up a CLX 450 with thinsulate undergarment used once, I got a steal of a deal on it.  Its supposed to be a large, there is a L on the tag which is hand written but im questioning it.  Does anyone have a Large or XL CLX 450 im wondering what your suit measures across the waist while laying flat?
04-14-2012, 09:03 AM,
Re: contemplating a new Drysuit
Contact DUI and they'll give you he exact measurements of your suit.
04-14-2012, 01:15 PM,
Re: contemplating a new Drysuit
lowvis, I also just picked up a clx450 too ;D I am installing the si-tech cuffs today to go with some silicone seals, and the quick gloves. It was a custom fit suit for a guy, and than he lost a ton of weight, so it fits me like it was made for me, pretty sure it was a version of a 2X though, 5 11" and 250ish. does yours have an elastic adjustable band for the waist band?
04-14-2012, 08:00 PM,
Re: contemplating a new Drysuit
I was going to contact DUI I just figured if someone had one it might be a little quicker than waiting till monday.

as for the elastic cord in the back yes there is one in my suit as well
04-14-2012, 08:03 PM,
Re: contemplating a new Drysuit
Gravybird,  I have a set of the Si-tech cuffs on my old suit but i didnt install them.  I plan to on this suit,  how did you go about removing the old seals from the suit?

one helpful thing i learned with the gloves themselves is if you put a small hole in them no worries turn it inside out and put some superglue on it worked for mine still bone dry.
04-14-2012, 09:00 PM,
Re: contemplating a new Drysuit
Ok, my suit is 26' across the seam where it changes fabric on the waist, I'm sure that probably doesn't help you much ;D

as for installing the cuffs, I cut off the glued on latex as straight as I could along the point where it meets up with the fabric.
Than you have to coat the inside of the sleeve with seal cement about 4 to 5 coats because the adhesive will not stick to the bare fabric in there.
once that's done, you put the adhesive strips around the cuffs, and line them up inside the sleeve as best you can, of course after cleaning all surfaces extremely well with MEK, or acetone
than go to town with the heat gun ;D
once that's cooled down and set up, I'm pretty sure if I tugged on it with a truck, its gonna tear somewhere else on the suit.
Than I went around the joint on the outside of the suit where the sleeve meets the plastic cuff with aquaseal just in case there is any openings around the stitching seams.
I installed the silicone wrist seals, and tested it out as best as I could in my slop sink in the basement....  dry as a bone!!!

Mike at helped me out a bunch with what to order, and how to install it correctly ;D

I plan on diving it next sunday, and seeing if it works well in the real world..

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