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doubles setup?
04-12-2012, 04:32 PM,
doubles setup?
I am slowly putting together a set of lp95's for a doubles rig. Do many of you guys/gals use doubles around our parts? I know there is not a huge calling for them in most of our shallower lakes, but it seems like something I want to do:-) The next step forward from single back mount???
04-12-2012, 06:45 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-12-2012, 06:47 PM by Hydro.)
Re: doubles setup?

its fun for like 3 dives, but most lakes around here are 30ft,  its a waste of time unless you are gonna drive to the mines or superior, get a pony instead. (pony>doubles around mn lakes) (I have 2 sets of hp104s and only dive single around here)

or better yet, get a boat.
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04-12-2012, 06:47 PM,
Re: doubles setup?
I guess that depends on what your goals are down the road. If you are considering technical diving, doubles are a reasonable next step, but I think 130s or 104s are really the gold standard in doubles.   If you are in FL they fill them the same ;D

I haven't used a single tank in years, and at one time had six sets of doubles.  LP50s, LP80s, LP95s and two sets of 130s.  I bought a rebreather and now only have the 80s and 50s.  Of all the doubles I had, the 95s were my least favorite.  I'm 6'2"ish and for me, this was mostly because they are short, and were difficult for me to get into as well as sit down with.  One thing to consider is what are your buddies diving and where you are getting them filled.  If the people you dive with are diving dissimilar tanks, there isn't likely going to be an advantage for you in doubles.  Many shops will charge you for two fills if you bring in doubles.   If you are lucky enough to have a shop that charges by the cubic foot, it really doesn't matter.   If you have your own compressor, it doesn't matter either.   As much as I hated the weight, a small part of me wishes I'd have kept one set of 130s and the 50s.  The 50s are my favorite OC tanks and they are awesome for scooter dives and just plain messing around.   If I needed one do all set of doubles, I'd reluctantly pick the 130s.  They are crazy heavy, but trim pretty nice and give you gobs of gas.   I have my own Trimix fill station with a Haskel and Compressor so I don't have to wonder what I'll get charged or what pressure they'll get filled to.

All that said, I like my KISS Classic too, and double AL19s on it last a long dang time.   The rebreather isn't the right tool for every dive, but neither are the doubles.

My $0.02
04-13-2012, 09:22 AM,
Re: doubles setup?
Well said Chris,

Doubles are the standard for redundancy/safety regardless of their size. As Chris stated, depending on what type of dive, how deep, what mix and what your buddies are diving.. each size has its own niche.

Getting used to a doubles configuration is not a bad idea towards gaining skills for possible future diving opportunities
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04-13-2012, 03:08 PM,
Re: doubles setup?
Or you could go the route I decided to go and pick up a Nomad and go singles sidemount which would give you the benefits of doubles but also give you the option to just go single as well then you dont have to have so many configurations etc. (depending on the diving youre doing).

I got a Nomad XT for its versitility i can cut it down and switch out a wing to go to warm waters or i can go double side mount or double back mount and now i just picked up a dive rite single tank adapter so i can back mount a single too. (i always use a pony with a single).  you can use it for rebreather or double back mount and have stage bottles.

just my two cents
04-13-2012, 10:55 PM,
Re: doubles setup?
Ok, thanks for all of the input. Hydro, I do have a boat ;D

chris, I do plan on advancing into tech. I get to do a fair amount of diving in florida, that's where all of my family is, and my brother is a cave diver, will be full cave here real soon. I do see how donning the shorter 95 could be a pain:-) maybe I will keep these separate, and get a taller pair to double up. I don't see a rebreather setup in my near future, still not sure how I afforded the gear I currently have 8) as for matching up with buddies up here, well I guess it's mostly insta buddy diving for me so far around here, I would love to meet some of you guys this summer!!!

LowVis, I will look and see what a nomad xt is. never heard of it ???

again thanks for the input ;D
04-14-2012, 05:48 AM,
Re: doubles setup?
I started diving double 95's in the 90's. Never had an issue with their height while gearing up. If you already have them put them together and I don't think you will have any problem.
In cave country when I was still diving OC I have rented 104's and notice nothing out of the ordinary.
I don't/didn't dive area shallow lakes, but mostly places like Wazee, Lake Superior, Michigan and Huron.
Pump the 95's to 3000psi and you will have 108cf.



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