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What's the earliest you guys get in after ice-out?
03-23-2015, 07:19 PM,
What's the earliest you guys get in after ice-out?
May 1st is opening day for harpooning (spearfishing). Do any of you guys hit the water that early? I imagine I'll need a 7mm semi-dry to give it a go that early as water temps would be in the 45 degree from what I can gather. I would be snorkeling so no worry about getting into even colder water deeper.

Also, I would hope all the spring turnover messiness would over by then, right?

Getting pretty anxious to stalk the mighty carp this year!
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RE: What's the earliest you guys get in after ice-out?
We've been in the water opening days several times up in the Detroit lakes/otter tail area. Not much for rough fish activity at that time. Rivers are much warmer than the lakes. Rivers are getting warmed up by the runoff and ice has still been on the lakes. I wear a 6mil wetsuit w/hood and a cheap, fleet farm suit over it. 3 finger mitts, 4 mil socks. Works for me. My guess is though, legal, spearable fish will be hard to find.
Cold and dark down there huh?
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RE: What's the earliest you guys get in after ice-out?
well, JJ's who hangs with us has dove the ice with 6ml wetsuit. and i my boys have done it open water style in winter, as well as when the ice is coming off. not really sure where it starts and ends. its more or less seamless season of diving and freediving for us.more a problem and question of where to go. and if early season we can get in to an area that normally is either off limits, or difficult to get into. .. suckers should be prespawn gathering now in some areas.

for spearing i wait till opener. although depending on the officer, i have seen some that dont enforce the letter of the law to rough fish anyways. as there is little point to that
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