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The Antelope shipwreck found near Apostle Islands.
09-14-2016, 07:50 PM,
The Antelope shipwreck found near Apostle Islands.

The aged Antelope may have been one of the most venerable vessels on the Great Lakes, but it was living up to its fleet-footed namesake on that October day 119 years ago.
The schooner-barge, carrying a load of coal, was clipping along at 11-12 mph as it approached the Apostle Islands in tow of the steamer Hiram W. Sibley on Oct. 7, 1897.
As the two vessels neared Michigan Island, the weather was fair but the wind brisk, the seas choppy. That wouldn’t have troubled most ships — but the Antelope had been launched 36 years earlier, an eternity for a Great Lakes vessel in those days......(MORE AFTER LINK)

The Antelope was on the lakebed in more than 300 feet of water, a few miles from Michigan Island.

"The lake is running low on leeches. Dump a few more barrels in."
-John Calhoun

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