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FantaSea Scuba- What Happened???
07-12-2003, 08:01 AM,
FantaSea Scuba- What Happened???
On 4/2 you posted that you were sponsoring a trip to the Apostle Is. for 7/12-7/13. I immediately called you to reserve 3 spots. I offered to send you a deposit which you stated you did not need, but confirmed that I had 3 spots reserved. I told me you would contact me at a later date. We'll it is now 7/12 and I have not been contacted. Perhaps you ment 2004 not 2003. Since you are advertising on this board perhaps you could offer an explaination?
07-12-2003, 11:54 AM,
Re:FantaSea Scuba- What Happened???
Hi Nomads,

We don't have your information down and we apologize for that, this would have only been an accident nothing intentional, as we would have loved for you to join us. Perhaps it was lost somewhere in the shuffle of communication here or your contact info was misplaced and we did not remember who to contact? We are typically very organized, and we always require a deposit for those spaces. Perhaps the person you spoke with thought you weren't sure if you had your exact number and thought you would be calling us to confirm? We're only guessing right now as to possible reasons...??

In the future, perhaps a follow up call or email to see if there was a mistake or your information was misplaced or lost would help? We don't check this forum often enough and refer divers to contact us directly by phone or email to our office at - this will gain faster results. Sometimes accidents can happen, please don't wait until the weekend of the event - 3 months after your initial inquiry/request to reconfirm a contact.

There are some spaces still left for the North Shore excursion and we would be glad to reserve space for you on these by directly contacting us at 952-890-3483 or by email:

Thanks and sorry we missed you.


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