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I've been hearing rumors about Scuba Daddy's closing, being sold, getting ripped off,...etc.  Does anybody have facts?

When do I start designing your new look? Will work for scuba equip 8)
Thank you Maxfactor for answering my question.  Sounds like your group is trying to make a small fortune in the dive business - by starting with a large one. Smile

Way to go MaxFactor and the Group!  I look forward to seeing the store back in business in a location soon!
This thread has been moderated.  Please refrain from anymore personal attacks in this thread and anywhere else on the forum.  For more information please see this thread. 

It seems strange that one individual can make fun of others on this foum for days, but when someone responds to it, their posts are removed faster then a speeding bullet.
I don't think the original post in question was intended to be a personal attack or to "make fun" of anyone.  In my opinion the post contained more information then anyone publicly needed to know regarding the business deal but there was no personal attack or bad mouthing in my opinion.  I think the members here that had a problem with the thread really had a problem with the "person" that posted and not so much the "post".  That is how I interpreted it anyway.  Feel free to disagree but the thread has been moderated. 
Think of how quick the Anna Nicole Smith trial would have been if Lonnie was presiding ;D
Nice Tongue
it may not have been that fast when he moved the hearing to the bahamas and got in a few dives Wink
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