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Ladies & Gentleman,

We have a booking for the GUE/DIR discussions with Dan MacKay, author of "Dress for Success". Dan is a long time GUE member and instructor and we hope that everyone that is interested will come and hear the discussions and take part in some Q&A of what GUE/DIR is really about.

We will be meeting at the Holiday Inn Express at the Bloomington/Airport - Mall of America location at the address of 1601 American Blvd E.

Meeting time March 20th from 7pm to ??

There is no charge for this event.

Any questions please contact via e-mail at or call 507-269-5496

Hope to see you all there!!

John Preston
If everyone that plans on attending please post a reply it will help us in knowing how we may need to arrange seating. Thanks!
but I won't be positive until more of this week goes by...

I plan to be there.
I'll try and make it.
I'm going.
I will more than likely be there.  Sounds like fun.
Awww, darn, it's a Cub Scout meeting night  :Smile  I can't make it.  Sad 

count me in
I would like to hear the info but I will be on an ambulance clinical so I hope I dont get there.  :o
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